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This Month's Featured Author -                     Miss. Beeton.




"Walking along near the concrete-sided little gulley which leads from the pond, I heard a strange rustling noise.  Looking around to see what was causing it, I soon found the culprit - a squirrel, which was busy trying to scrunch down a bright yellow carrier bag into a manageable size for it to carry away in its mouth.  Of course the real culprit was whoever dropped the bag in the first place, and left it where wildlife could get hold of it.  This squirrel seemed to have decided that yellow is the 'in' colour for this year's decorations, and was determined to carry off its find. 


Having reduced the size of the bag to approximately the same as its own body length, it then began the task of trying to run off with its find, which wasn't as easy as first might have been hoped.  It struggled to reduce the size further, stopped momentarily with two lots of bulging yellow plastic each side of its face, then with the bag gripped firmly in its jaws, it sped off over the grass and up the trunk of a nearby tree."




This Month's Featured Author - Miss. Beeton.








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